Unintended Absence

It has been a little over 20 days since my last post. I know (I think) that blogs etc. function at their best if they are updated, current, and not allowed to go stale. But honestly, I have not had the time or the energy to blog or to even think about blogging. In the past 20 or so days I’ve experienced a lot–from very fun and exciting to very stressful and exhausting. Even as I sit at the computer right at this very moment I would rather be on the couch relaxing with Mihee and Ellis (our dog) watching television. The kids are finally down for the night and it’s quiet. These are the seemingly rare moments of quiet that present an opportunity for rest that I long for during the day. Plus they could wake up at any minute now and who knows how tonight will go.

However, I began this blog as an exercise for me with the hope for it to be something like a spiritual discipline…something that I would do, at least weekly, to make me think, reflect, share and comment. In the past 20+ days it has been so easy to just not do it or to think to myself “I’ll get to it tomorrow or sometime later.”

My sermon this morning, “Peter Was Right,” was on the Transfiguration account in Mark 9:2-9. Part of what I was trying to say was that Peter was right in wanting to make a dwelling place for Jesus. Sure the mountaintop may not have been the right place for this, but I think the desire to build a dwelling for Christ is important. Peter may have been thinking about a dwelling, or tent, that was tangible and visible with the eyes, but building a dwelling place for the divine Christ in our lives is critical to the life of faith. Like when it’s easy for me to not keep up with this blog, or even want to, I know it’s easy to put other things of importance–friends, family, and yes, faith–on the back burner. Thinking I’ll get to it tomorrow or the next day can quickly turn into 20 days–or a lot more. Worst case scenario is we just drop them/it all together.

Lent begins this week with Ash Wednesday. If you are in Bloomington come to the church at 7:30. Rachel will be leading what should be a great service. Giving up beer or chocolate isn’t going to cut it this year for me. My hope and my challenge for myself is to build a dwelling place for the fully human/fully divine Christ in my life each and every day.

I can only pray I’m more diligent at it than I am at this…now it’s off to the couch.


One thought on “Unintended Absence

  1. Parenthood stretches us in ways we never thought possible, doesn’t it?

    One thing I am learning is how God’s call to us can change so much during the different seasons of our lives. If regular weekly blogging isn’t possible during this season of life, maybe it will be at another time…

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